About the Experience

As the former capital of British India, Kolkata retains a mass of colonial-era architecture contrasting starkly with urban and dynamic new-town suburbs.  The imposing Victoria Memorial, vast, beautifully proportioned festival of white marble showcases the British influence in best manner. Another prime attraction of Kolkata is the Belur math, set attractively amid palms and manicured lawns, it serves as the headquarters of the Ramakrishna Mission and a religious centre.

Kolkata is home to the Missionaries of Charity’s Mother House and was established by the Saint Mother Teresa in 1950 with the purpose of selfless service to mankind.  Saint Mother Teresa lived most of her life in India dedicated to causes like HIV/AIDS, leprosy and tuberculosis and serving the poorest of the poor. The Missionaries of Charity’s Mother house carries one through all the memories and highlights of Mother’s life . Kolkata is also the culinary capital of Bengal and is the ideal place to experience the mild yet complex tang of Bengali cuisine.


Kolkata has International airport which is well connected by some regular flights and is also well connected with in India from major metropolitan cities.



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