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The Spiritual Capital – Varanasi tour
Varanasi, is the holiest of the seven sacred cities (SaptaPuri) in Hinduism and Jainism, and played an important role in the development of Buddhism. Author Mark Twain once said of Varanasi that “Benares is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together”. According to Legend, Varanasi was founded by Lord Shiva and the mythic heroes Pandavas are believed to visit here in search of Lord Shiva to atone the crimes they had committed.
River Ganga isassociated in myth and reality with the land and people of Varanasi, the river Ganga is personified as Goddess and holds an important place in the Hindu religion and people of Varanasi. In Hindu mythology, it is believed that bathing in the river Ganga causes the remission of sins and facilitates the attainment of salvation or nirvana. This deep-rooted truth is proved by the fact that people travel from distant places to immerse the ashes of their kin in the waters of the Ganga at Varanasi. 
Ghats in Varanasi on the banks of the River Ganges is a distinctive feature of the city and are used for bathing and puja ceremony, while a few are used exclusively as cremation sites. In total 88 ghats are believed to be at the shore of Ganga. Holiest among seven sacred cities, it is believed that one can attain Moksha(Liberation) in Varanasi. The city is home to Mandirs(Temples), Mosques, Gurudwaras and home to all the biggest and widely celebrated festivals of India. People abode this place in search of Moksha and live here for their lifetime.


Varanasi is well connected with Delhi by regular flights and trains. Also it is well connect to Kathmandu and with roads to Buddhist sights of Badhgaya and others.

Not to miss : While in Varanasi donot miss to attend arti ceremony on river Ganges and early morning boat ride on river Ganges.



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