About the Experience

One of the world’s most fascinating countries, as diverse as it is enormous, India is a marvelous beauty comprising of the world’s best cultures, architecture and craft. An ancient renowned culture country filled with spawned buildings and sublime beauty, the country offers amazing experiences with some native to this place.

Visitors have so much to see and experience, from the extraordinary monuments and exhausting bustle of Delhi, Agra, Kolkhata, Mumbai and countless other cities and sites, to the gentle backwaters of Kerala, the great deserts and palaces of Rajastan, the wildlife sanctuaries, and tea plantations of the Western Ghats – and, of course, prime spot of the soaring beauties of the Himalayas. The expanse of regions or cities to visit for these diverse experiences are huge, every city, every region has something to offer different and native to the other. The high arid Ladakh, long known as little Tibet is a fine example of the same. It opens the door to the mystic world of Tibetan Buddhism with the traditional Tibetan culture and religion believed to be more intact here than in Tibet itself.

India has some of the world’s best walks, hikes and treks, ranging from famous mountain hiking and trekking trails such as The Singalila Ridge and other trails in Sikkim and the Western Himalayas to the gentler but still fascinating wildlife sanctuaries and tea plantations of the Western Ghats. These treks are so varied that everyone’s taste and energy levels can be met, India has offerings to spell bound everyone from all ages.


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