Yoga & Meditation


About the Experience

Yoga and meditation are two faces of the coin, designed to go hand in hand with each other, Yoga helps one in achieving the state for long meditation sessions while meditation helps in making one’s body more appropriate for yoga. India is credited with the invention of both of them and are now diligently followed all over the world in light of the amazing benefits they carry on physical and mental level.
Yogic methods can be found in all branches of Indian spiritual and religious literature, whether the Vedas, Epics, Puranas, Agamas and Tantras, as well as in many special Yogic texts or Yoga Shastras. The integrative approach of Yoga pervades the culture of India as well, including its literature, drama, music, dance, science, medicine, and even grammar. It is this broader approach to the meaning of Yoga that we find in Vedic teachings.
Being the birthplace, one can easily find array of courses and treatments and some of them very niche to India, providing you with unparalled benefits.  All the leading hotel chains provide morning and evening sessions and if someone wants to experience it at the very roots with the help of gurus or wants enlightenment than there are special Yoga and Meditation Ashrams across the nation providing the same.


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